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"You are a Soul with a body, not a body with a Soul." "The Soul is the Gateway to Heaven within you." "Your Spiritual Development depends on your ability to forgive others.""Do not be unhappy. The past is the past! Let go, learn to forgive and forget. Let go and Live!" "Dying is a Science. Do not be attached to your body. Eventually, all that exists will die.

Seven Healing Factors

Pranic Healing is very powerful, even miraculous at times, in its effectiveness to relieve physical and emotional symptoms of illness and bring about health and wellness. However, there are certain aspects that affect the efficiency of any healing, regardless of the system or patient. In Pranic Healing, we call these the Seven Healing Factors, and understanding them will make any healing more successful.

The seven factors are:

  • Receptivity: It refers to the willingness of the subject to keep a positive or at least neutral frame of mind about the healing treatment. It means that both the healer and the patient should be willing to keep a positive frame of mind about the healing procedure. To put it simply in another words, if you begin treatment thinking “this will never work,” or “I don’t believe this guy can wave his hands and heal me,” then you’ll probably get what you’re thinking: it won’t work, or at least it won’t be as effective or long-lasting as it could be.

  • Skill of the healer: Healing is a skill, and as with any skill, the more a healer practices, the better he or she becomes. A more experienced healer will be able to draw in more energy, have greater concentration, be more confident, convey that confidence to his or her subject, and thus, likely be a more effective healer.

  • Severity of the problem: In both traditional and alternative medicine, the sooner a health problem is detected and treated, the better chance of getting it resolved quickly and completely. If a problem is allowed to become chronic, it becomes more difficult to return to health. Similarly, if before you begin the Nine Energizing Breaths, you’re in exceptionally poor health, maintain an unhealthy diet and/ or have unhealthy habits (such as smoking), it may take you longer to reverse those long-term health problems and feel the positive energy- building effects of the exercises.

  • Age of the person: As explained, our age is determined by how vigorously our chakras spin and how clean they are. People who are unaware of how to counter the natural aging process through energy exercises and meditation will find their energy dwindling as they get older and thus, may find it more difficult to bounce back from an ailment or be healed by a healer. With regard to practicing the Nine Energizing Breaths, an older person as defined by the condition of their chakras may need to practice a little longer and more diligently than a younger person to get the same benefits.

  • Environment: Your immediate environment has a huge effect on your personal supply of energetically dirty foods, and generally do not take care of yourself, either a pranic healer or a physician may find it difficult to heal you quickly and easily. Likewise with the Nine Energizing Breaths: if you keep your body, aura, and personal environment energetically clean, you’re likely to make faster progress.

  • Emotional factors: Negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, and fear have a damaging effect on your aura, congesting your chakras and meridians and generally reducing your overall energy level. The most important emotional factor, however, might be forgiveness, which is really the ability to let go of anger toward someone who has hurt or harmed us. It might also be the most difficult for many people to implement, but it’s still very important to work on it—which is why we include the Ritual of Forgiveness as one of the supplemental energy-development exercises. Practicing the Nine Energizing Breaths will definitely help you cleanse some of these strong negative emotions, such as fear, anger, or anxiety, from your aura, but the more of them you have, the longer it may take you to get fully energized.

  • Karma: When a variety of remedies has been tried to heal someone, and the person still is unable to be healed, karmic factors need to be considered. Karma is the cosmic law of cause and effect. “We reap what we sow,” and “What goes around comes around,” are popularizations of the law of karma. If you smoke and have a diet heavy in fatty foods and then develop heart disease later in life, it’s fairly easy to see the physiological cause-and-effect relationship. And as noted earlier, if you’ve engaged in unhealthy habits for a while, it may take a little longer for the Nine Energizing Breaths energy boost to kick in for you. It’s easy to see this as physiological karma, too.

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